Monday, January 19, 2009


As we all know and are one and the same, they are led by the worst administrator in history! ARIKA, miyukichii, niyuiiika, katie, or whatever that shit is named. :P

The admin created the forum with the inttention of getting money to pay off for her college. Then she started to copy other site's links massively, and designs, get people to cooperate with her, etc. Of course she keeps it all from her staff, they all need to think shes just that good.

After copying all links, systems, and ideas from, Entire sections from, design and skins from, and many other small sites and blogs, even bigger sites too, and japanese/chinese sites too.. Now the nihonomaru's admin goes even lower in her drama and tries to fake people saying other admins are bad, and saying bullshit about them.

Still many people out there are completely unware of this scam that, its pretty easy to just sit my ass here all day making alt accounts to copy/paste links to my site and getting innocent people to donate real money for me.

Pay attention before donating to these sites, is the biggest example on the net followed by that other naruto site (which makes you pay to get releases you could download for free from scanlators and fansubbers), of sites that fool you to get what the admin wants, money.

Before donating do some research, the proofs are very real and are all out there. Look at the dates on the other sites, the releases dates, projects dates, skin releases dates, and compare with

They are simply an example of losers, the admin just wont waste the money on a decent skin, she rips from other sites and from people who work real hard for their projects, copying and ripping from them without pity.

If you want to support the real sites, which bring you anime and manga releases just for the love of sharing and for the anime love, then stop supporting nihonomaru and help us spread the word that everyone should get to know about.



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